Bees are being jeopardised

80% of the cultures worldwide depend on the insects'activities for pollination and bees are considered to be the best pollinators! 

Nowadays we are getting through a time in which that fragile balance may be upset... Domesticated or wild bees must face biocides used for some kinds of agriculture .

The varroa mites, those small parasitic mites of bees, are also responsible for the decimation and loss of honeybee colonies.

An apiary collapse

At the end of the 19th century beebreeding started to develop in the area of Huy .

Far from being protected from the crises which beekeepers have to face ,the beekeeping section in Huy had developed through years to finally give birth to the Apiary school in Huy in 1987. That school was soon acknowledged as the Centre of Vocational Training  .

Although the following years contributed to strengthen the School, it was nevertheless weakened by the varroa mites ' attacks , local problems and lack of interest on behalf of its members in addition to a decrease of the financial contributions .

But in 2005 , after one year under Mr Fontignie' s presidency , the situation was on the right track again. In 2011 , thanks to the subsidies of the Maya plan , a renewed success  blew on the school , with 44 students attending it .

In 2013 subsidies were unfortunately suppressed and little by little Mr Fontignie was forced to find a solution to save the Apiary school .

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