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Sébastien Pins

A commitment for Earth and Humanism

Sebastien Pins 's commitment for the preservation of nature is well known! Sebastien Pins is fascinated by the beauty, the fragility and the mysteries of nature, therefore he has been very early interested in photography and works to immortalise the strong moments  between Man and Nature.

Today , because of his attachment to the natural patrimony of the Ardennes and of his inhabitants, he tries to reconcile Man  with Nature by inviting the spectator to act positively in favour of the preservation of tomorrow's world through his films

An artwork that touches its specators lives forever

- Sébastien Pins

Strongly convinced  of the importance of the image quality in a film, he has always emphasised his work as a Photography Director .

For him the most beautiful  light is the one you can find in nature; it is the chief operator' s responsibility to shape it perfectly to touch the spectators

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