In spring 2017, as a first reward, 25 new students were awaiting the first school day at the Apiary School! Today an ASBL, whose members are real beekeeping fans,  owns the Apiary School .

"A Passion of Gold and Fire" has been nominated more than 185 times and has received more than 32 Awards up to now. That short film was selected eight times within the fortnight of the very famous " Oscar nominating™ film festival" and was so allowed to apply for the Oscar of the best documentary : true consecration in a festival for a short film without any budget!

"A Passion of Gold and Fire" was projected and rewarded beside great filmmakers like Michael Moore, Martin Scorsese,... but also beside well-known politicians, like Hillary Clinton for example... It was also spotted by the Weinstein Company thanks to the Lexux Festival and received the IMDB Award given by its creator, Col Needham.

Find out here the rewards and selections of Mr Pins' short film.

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