Genesis of the project

As a passionate for beebreeding as well as a filmmaker Mr could not remain indifferent to the difficulties encountered by the Apiary School in Huy.


Mr Pins was strongly convinced that his  images and videos could help save the Apiary as well as be an accelerator  for Mr Fontignie . He decided then to make a coverage on that beekeeper and on the challenges he had  to face.


When the coverage came out, it was the Astro physician Hubert Reeves that shared it on the social networks . Hundreds of thousands people watched the short film and numerous of them were ready to back up that beekeeper in his work . Newspapers grabbed the buzz and political authorities were soon involved ....


Soon after that the short film became the favourite of the Film Market in the Cannes Festival . As a consequence ,documentaries festivals were buzzing  to be the first lucky one to program Mr Pins' short film.

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